Agility over process. Goals over function. Focus over frenzy.
It's time for a revitalized approach to marketing ...
Consulting, coaching and mentoring to help marketers be more effective (and stay sane!) in an always-on world.

People say the word “moksha” reminds them of “moxie” or “mojo.” My neighbor says he thinks of “milkshake.” All good things, especially for marketers and marketing leaders these days (except, of course, milkshakes — moderation is advised there).

Moksha (pronounced MOKE-shah) is a Sanskrit term that means to liberate, release or free.  Basically, it’s the Hindu equivalent of the Buddhist term “Nirvana“.

As the marketing function undergoes dramatic reinvention in the new social business construct, moksha represents the new ideal state for marketers that relinquishes command-and-control approaches for open, adaptive and highly-engaged strategies and structures. 

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Executive marketing skills and experience to drive the change you need

If you are CEO of an emerging company that knows marketing will “put you on the map” and drive critical early growth, but you’re not quite ready for a full-time executive partner, Heidi can help you establish the foundation, plans and activities to set you on the right path to success and expansion.

If you are CMO of any size company that has more “can’t fail” priority initiatives than you have team members, time, or sanity to address, Heidi will be the like-minded professional who cares about your success as much as you do and knows how to accelerate the right changes that help you deliver on the results your CEO is counting on.

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Coach & Mentor

Coaching and training programs for marketers, CMOs, and their teams
… to stop the madness and inspire the right results

Marketers have a lot to deal with. Not only do they have to be be as left-brained as Einstein and as right-brained as Picasso, they need to keep up with swiftly-shifting marketing tactics and media, serve as change agent for their company, tirelessly “engage” fickle and demanding customers, be a technologist tracking all the latest trends, and, oh yeah, deliver more leads and customers than the company has ever seen before. Makes you wonder if the “M” in CMO stands for “masochist”!

Heidi has their back.

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